Bible Verse for September 17th.

...........And were at their wit's end.

Psalm 107:27

NLT Bible

Many of us can identify with this feeling. We get to that point where we don't know which way to turn and our problems seem bigger than before. We're literally at our wit's end and we feel like giving up. We've prayed and prayed about the concerns and cares in our lives and in the natural, it seems to be worsening. We feel defeated and hopeless.

We cannot give up. When we get to this point, we need to look up, fix our gaze on Jesus and cry out to Him. He will hear and answer. We've done all we can and it's time to take our hands off and let God work. He alone can bring change to our problems. God will also wrap His loving arms around us and fill us with hope, courage and strength. 

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I'm at my wit's end and feel like giving up, but I know You care for me. I surrender my burdens and trust you to answer. I love you, Jesus. Amen!

Be Blessed!